Payment Options

Insurance and payment options for counseling services in Rapid City

I am a preferred provider with several insurance companies and as a courtesy to my clients I will bill your insurance.  However, you, (not your insurance company) are responsible for full payment of my fees.  You are responsible for any co-payment and deductible amounts at the time of service.  Payment options and arrangements may be discussed at any time.  Please call me to discuss your individual insurance plan.  I accept BlueCross/BlueShield, DAKOTACARE, Avera, Sanford, and MOS.  It is also possible to bill other insurance companies as an out of network provider.

I will accept a client’s co-pay amount once the insurance has been established and is flowing smoothly.  Please check with your individual insurance company to see about coverage for outpatient mental health services.

Keep the following in mind:

  • Reimbursement on mental health varies even with insurance coverage.
  • Some diagnoses are covered and others are not.
  • Couples Therapy is rarely covered by insurance.  However, Family Therapy is commonly covered and insurance will pay as long as one individual has a medically necessary diagnosis.
  • Out of pocket therapy fees can be applied to health savings accounts.
  • Check to see if out-of-network providers can be applied toward your deductible.

Feel free to call me at 605-381-5277 for a consultation and I will be happy to discuss any other questions that you may have about insurance.


Initial Session:     $171

Individual/Adolescent Session:     $167

Family/Couple Session:     $167

Please contact me for a consultation to discuss rates and insurance qualifications in regard to your specific situation.

Payment is due at the time service is rendered.  I prefer cash or check and will also accept credit/debit cards.