About Spirals Counseling

The goal of this web site is to assist consumers to locate a mental health professional to meet their needs or online resources to assist them.

What is the significance of the Spiral?

In Native American culture the spiral represents several things: a journey, migration, cycle of life, an icon of passage and transcendence. Life is a journey starting with our birth. As the spiral begins to grow, clockwise, as with the passage of time, we often can see our past (know where we came from, what we have experienced) or remember it. Sometimes as things happen in life we choose to block those past events out. In this case, counseling can provide assistance in RECOLLECTION of our past. We may not always understand what it was or why it occurred, but counseling can assist with the RECOGNITION of those events and understanding their significance in who we are today and how it may affect our future. Finally, life is full of choices. We all have the choice to direct where our life may go, but we also must be ready to accept the RESPONSIBILITY of our choices and the results that those choices bring.

We hope that we can provide you with the assistance that you desire to achieve a balanced life. Please feel free to contact us for questions or assistance.